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Incoming Summer 2024: Audit and Assurance Intern

Michael Oberlender


“I am preparing for my upcoming role as an Audit Intern at Deloitte, and I am excited about the opportunity to delve into the world of Accounting and Auditing. My anticipation is driven by the prospect of immersing myself in the dynamic and challenging environment of Deloitte’s esteemed team. What particularly excites me is the chance to learn from seasoned professionals who have a wealth of experience. Deloitte’s diverse range of clients means that I will have exposure to various industries, which I find extremely compelling. In addition to the technical aspects of the role, I am also eagerly looking forward to building strong professional relationships with my colleagues as I understand that the individuals I’ll be working with are crucial to my learning journey.“

Incoming Summer 2024: Financial Markets and Real Estate Intern

Rebecca Fahlikman


Rebecca is eagerly anticipating her upcoming financial markets and real estate internship at PwC. Her excitement stems from the prospect of immersing herself in the world of finance and real estate within the dynamic PwC team. Rebecca is thrilled to gain real field experience, believing that applying her knowledge to actual job situations will deepen her passion for finance even further. Moreover, she looks forward to forging connections with her colleagues and is excited to collaborate with a renowned and reputable company like PwC, as this internship presents an invaluable opportunity for professional growth and development.

Summer 2023: Analytics & Sales Intern

Zisis Zias


“My 10-week internship program at Bloomberg had been nothing short of incredible. From working on the MARS Analytics team to rotating on both the Buy and Sell Side ERM teams. Sitting in on these teams allowed me to shadow their work and develop a more comprehensive understanding of their day-to-day tasks including meetings, terminal work, and even client visits in New York City! On top of all this, I had the opportunity to network and schedule coffee chats with numerous individuals across the company, including the leaders and even heads of departments. Outside my team’s work, I was also given the opportunity to focus on my own individual and group projects with my fellow interns, such as the final sales project which involved analyzing a hypothetical company’s situation and creating a Bloomberg solution set to present to it’s leadership. Not only were my presentation skills expanded on, but my analytical and problem-solving skills really were put to the test with this project when we had to implement the advice we were given after showing it to many fellow colleagues.”

Summer 2023: Risk and Advisory Intern

Nora Monasheri


“This summer, I deep dived into the field of Risk & Financial Advisory and the culture of Deloitte. Throughout my experience, I was able to rapidly expand my network, contribute to a team of fantastic and willing individuals, and gain hands-on experience in the financial industry. The opportunity to work alongside industry professionals has been nothing short of enriching. The Deloitte culture constantly nurtured growth and meaningful networking. I couldn’t have done it without the help of AKPsi!”

Summer 2023: Financial Products Analytics & Sales Intern

Sean Vieira


“During my 10 week internship I was given the chance to build an impressive network of experts, learning from them in depth about the wide range of financial markets and asset classes while gaining exposure to the most powerful tool in the financial world through the Bloomberg Terminal. Throughout the summer I had the opportunity to take part in many different projects, including one where I presented in front of hundreds on tenured sales professionals at the firm, as well as go on client visits to understand a variety of industries’ workflows, and engaging in philanthropic events to give back to the community. Overall it was a fantastic learning experience that allowed me to grow professionally and intellectually and I’m excited to go back fulltime next summer.”

Summer 2023: Tax Intern

Arhaam Haque


“I had an incredible experience at KPMG this past summer with their AMCS team. My team determines whether various projects of companies qualify for a tax credit and it has taught me how different faucets in Tax work. “

Summer 2023: Forensic & Integrity Services Intern

Lauren Mackey


“During my summer internship experience, I was immersed into the amazing culture that EY has as I grew as an individual both professionally and socially. I gained confidence and networking skills through many group and social experiences, new presentation and excel skills, and more. I worked on client engagements as apart of a wonderful team where I fostered and practiced new skills such as working directly with external clients and managers, time management, efficiency, etc. This experience affirmed my interest in forensics, and provided me with an amazing opportunity to immerse myself in the world of business. I can’t wait to join EY Forensics again in Fall 2024 full time!”

Summer 2023: Audit Intern

Jake Murciano


During his enriching audit internship, Jake delved into the fundamental principles of audit methodology and gained invaluable hands-on experience in dissecting complex financial statements. Under the guidance of seasoned audit professionals, he navigated the intricate web of financial data, meticulously examining income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. Jake’s internship was a transformative learning journey, providing him with a comprehensive understanding of audit procedures and equipping him with the skills necessary to evaluate the accuracy and integrity of financial information. His dedication and attention to detail during this internship have laid a strong foundation for his future career in the world of auditing.

Summer 2023: NODA Intern for New Student Orientation

Aaron Mickulas-Mesco


“During my internship at SF State, I worked with a great team in their New Student and Family Programs Office in order to plan and execute New Student Orientation programs for new and transfer students. I was able to help plan various events for our student groups, while working with a variety of campus partners (such as Academic Advising, Study Abroad, Student Health, and Campus Recreation) in order to create an event where all departments felt that they could reach and interact with incoming students. While in San Francisco, I made great professional connections through meeting with many high-level administrators and talking to them about their professional journeys and the jobs they do at SF State. I also made a ton of great friends and got to see a lot of the amazing sights that SF (and California as a whole) had to offer. It was an incredible experience and I found an entire new community that I love on the other side of the country in the process!”

Summer 2023: State & Local Tax Intern

Kenny Ke


During his internship, Kenny demonstrated exceptional skills in utilizing tax software to prepare tax returns for a diverse range of companies. His ability to navigate complex financial data and apply tax regulations was commendable. Kenny’s attention to detail and commitment to accuracy ensured that each tax return was meticulously prepared, adhering to all legal requirements and maximizing tax benefits for the respective companies. His internship experience not only honed his technical expertise but also showcased his dedication to delivering high-quality financial services. Kenny’s contributions were invaluable, and he undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of the tax preparation process during his internship.

Summer 2023: Internal Audit Summer Analyst

Jonathan Lin


“During my 10 week internship; I attended multiple company wide trainings to learn about audit methodology, client relations and data analytics. I contributed to the Capital Markets audit team’s quarterly risk assessment and monitoring. And I am excited to return full-time in the summer of 2024.”

Summer 2023: Financial Service Associate Intern

Elisa Gopie


During her internship, Elisa displayed exceptional adaptability and a keen aptitude for learning. She underwent extensive training in the Fiserv system and Salesforce, equipping herself with the necessary skills to process a wide array of transactional services, such as deposits, withdrawals, loan payments, and negotiable instruments. Elisa’s commitment to compliance with the Bank’s rules, regulations, and guidelines was unwavering, ensuring the utmost precision in her tasks. Moreover, her enthusiasm for professional growth led her to actively engage in special projects and additional responsibilities, which provided her with invaluable real-world experience in streamlining banking processes and improving operational efficiency. Notably, Elisa’s interpersonal skills shone as she assisted clients with their inquiries and fostered valuable client relationships by referring business to platform personnel and other lines of business. Her dedication and ability to adapt to new challenges made her an invaluable asset to the team during her internship.

Summer 2023: Marketing Research Intern

Ryan Rodriguez


Ryan’s internship experience was marked by her exceptional talent for creating comprehensive business plans and marketing strategies, which she skillfully presented to clients. Her ability to distill complex information into actionable plans was truly impressive, showcasing her strategic thinking and analytical prowess. Ryan’s dedication to understanding each client’s unique needs and industry landscape allowed her to tailor her proposals effectively, earning the trust and satisfaction of her clients. Her presentations were not only informative but also persuasive, highlighting her excellent communication skills and ability to articulate complex concepts. Throughout her internship, Ryan consistently delivered high-quality plans that provided clients with a clear roadmap for success, making a significant contribution to the company’s reputation for strategic excellence. Her experience undoubtedly enhanced her own skill set while also leaving a lasting impact on the clients she served.

Summer 2023: Tax Intern

Christopher Miceli


“During my summer internship as a tax intern in 2023, I actively contributed to the tax department’s success through a diverse range of responsibilities. This included conducting tax research, analyzing complex tax scenarios, and preparing tax returns for the business. I also participated in the development of comprehensive tax strategies. Collaborating with experienced professionals, I refined my technical skills, gained exposure to real-world tax planning, and deepened my understanding of tax law. This internship reaffirmed my passion for a career in taxation and financial planning, equipping me with valuable insights and expertise for future endeavors in the field.”